Brake Pads And Replacement

We know that when you need to brake, there isn’t a second to waste. We know brakes are critical to your and your family’s safety. Ignoring a brake pedal shudder, a rasping noise when braking or flickering warning lights puts you and your family at risk of an accident or even worse – injury.

To be absolutely safe, make sure that your brakes are checked every 6 months or before taking a long trip – it won’t hurt, and you can trust Supa Quick to give you the right advice the first time around.

We Stock

We only stock quality parts , and this is especially valid when it comes to the brands of brake pads we use.

ATE offer a warranty against any manufacturing defect for the life of the product on provision that product is fitted to a properly maintained hydraulic brake system by a qualified technician, the pads/shoes are not fitted to discs/drums in poor condition and that the product is not use in abnormal driving conditions, for example, motor racing, overloading etcetera.

This is another small way that we can offer you peace of mind when entrusting us with the proper performance of your vehicle.