Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment concerns the specifically calculated direction and angle of your wheels, relative to each other and the surface terrain, which determines the overall alignment of your vehicle. Proper alignment affects the lifespan of your tyres, fuel consumption and the overall comfort and safety of your ride.

It is of vital importance to get your wheel alignment checked every 10 000km or annually. You should also get it checked whenever new tyres are fitted. In the event that you travel regularly, over long distances or under tough road conditions, it is recommended that you check your alignment more frequently.

In need of a tyre service?

Check the sidewalls of your tyres for irregular wear patterns. If there are any irregular wear or your car drifts to one side on a flat straight road, please get it checked out.

Get down to us now and have a qualified professional see to the problem before:

  • Too much tyre damage is done
  • Unnecessary expenditure incurred
  • Your motoring safety is compromised